Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Bogies
and gearing
Having cleaned and straightened the pickup strips, they need to be relocated on the bogeys.  The bogeys are identical, but the pickups are not, so make sure that you create a front bogey and a rear bogey.  With one bogey facing one way and the other bogey facing the other way, the pickups should both be fitted to the same rail when they are on the track.

See the photo taken during dismantling on the left.  Bogeys are facing each other.  The pickups both need to be fitted to the top side of the picture.  It doesn't actually matter which side - the bogies can be interchanged afterwards, resulting in the pickup being on the opposite side track.

Here is a photo of the 'front' bogey, pickup fitted.

And the underside of the same bogey.

Fit the 2 idler gears as shown.  Bend the two short pickup strips outwards slightly so that they have enough spring to keep them pressed against the inside face of the wheels when they are relocated.

Fit the two axles.  It is very important to spot the black insulating sleeve on one side.  It is between the axle and the wheel hub and can be seen on the photo - see the 'collar' around the end of the axle shaft.  The other side doesn't have this.  It is essential that the wheels are located so that this collar is on the same side of the bogey as the copper pickup strip.  If you get this wrong, there will be a direct short when you apply power to the track.

When inserting the axles, make sure that there is enough spring in the short pickup contact for it to press against the back of the wheel.

Final check - Two wheel axles.  Two idler gears.  Copper pickup in contact with inside face of wheel.  Axle insulating sleeve on the same side as the pickups. Very thins smear of very thin oil on gears.
Fit the baseplate.  (This is a photo of a bogey from a different Warship from the one above)

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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