Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Class 42
Refitting the Motor
We will now insert the motor.  The photo on the left shows the motor in place from underneath - with the lower circuit board and undertray removed.  Those metal tabs on the lower circuit board press against the contacts on the motor.  Get the undertray or the motor the wrong way round and electrical contact is not made.  You will not be able to see this when you put the motor in, so its a good idea to be aware of what is going on.  Hence this photo.
Back to the plot.  Note that the worm gears have been lightly lubricated and have been inserted into the chassis.  Note the two thick spacer washers at each side of both worm gears - checking that the one on the end hasn't fallen off.  Note the black plastic coupling on the worm gear spindle have their slots positioned vertically.


The rear bracket of the motor is already screwed onto the motor at the (brush end).  The grey plastic coupling is turned to align vertically with the black plastic coupling.
The front bracket is slotted over the motor spindle and seated against the motor end, and the motor and brackets are slotted into place - rear end first.  It is possible that the coupling at the front end do not align, in which case the motor will have to be gently turned manually using the armature until they do align (keeping the rear end in place of course).  The rear end of the motor is raised slightly in the photo - the copper contact strips are springing it up.

Be careful of the position of the red wire - this needs emerge from the side of the motor, to the rear of the black plastic arm from the undertray - otherwise t will get pinched as the motor is screwed down.

The motor secured with the four countersunk machine screws.

Locate the gear covers and secure with the two brass cheesehead screws.  Just visible on the photo.

Check that the undertray is properly located.  Note the clean copper contact strips for the sweep arms on the bogies to the left and right of the undertray in the photo.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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