Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  County of Norfolk

The County of Norfolk

Hornby number : N210       Minitrix Number : 51-2966-00

This was the first Class 47 diesel to be introduced by Minitrix for the UK market - a very nice representation of the class. The detail is not as good as on the models produced by other companies in recent years, but Norfolk was introduced in 1981/82 - 36 years ago, and is still sought after. I wonder how many 2017 models will be looking this good in 2053 ? I doubt that I'll be around to find out !

This model has been battered around a bit. The two little 'nibbles' in the bottom of the body - roughly either side of the battery box - reveal where the tiny plastic lugs used to latch onto the metal chassis. With the model the correct way up, finger nails from in index and ring finger on both sides can be slipped between chassis and body and the top lifts straight off. The weight of the loco keeps it firmly on the worktop. On this model, the all 4 lugs have been broken off.

The model appears in the 1981/82 catalogue produced by Minitrix for the German market. Although the same model number 51-2966-00 is used, the image shows 47090 "Vulcan". This type of anomoly crops up in the catalogues every now and then - possibly because the model isn't available to be photographed at the time that the printers need to go to work, and the image clearly labels the model as being 'Neu 82' ie new for 1982.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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