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Left Contacts
Left Hand Side
Left Side Electrical Contacts
Top View

Front Bogey Left

The left hand bogey wheels are connected to the axle.

The axle is brushed by a copper strip which sweeps across the underside of the chassis. The strip also provides a 'spring' to keep the bogey firmly planted on the track




The Drive wheels on the left are all connected electrically to their axles. The axles sit inside a brass bush which is held firmly in place by the baseplate.

All of the left hand side drive wheels are therefore connected electrically to the chassis.

Note that the gears are on the left hand side.

On this model, the valve gear is isolated from the vlave gear on the right hand side. The two halves are held in place by the red plastic mounting black. This is also isolated from the chassis. The left valve gear may be connected electrically to the left hand wheels through the con rod and the bolts in the fron and rear drive wheel. This connection may be intermittent, and is not part of the power supply circuit.




The rear bogey.

The left hand wheel is connected to the axle. The axle runs within the half round groove of the bogey frame, which is connected to the main chassis by means of a metal peg in the chassis. When moving, this conatct will be permanent. When held in the hand, it is possible for the play to make the connection intermittent.

The motor has two brushes. The lower brush is connected to the right track (note the insulated sleeve). The upper brush is connected to the left hand rail via the chassis. Note that the motor itslef may be connected to the chassis by a copper plate under the motor.

Tender Front pair of wheels (Left)


The front left wheels are connected electrically to the axle.

The copper brush strips under the tender connect the axle to the tender chassis.




Tender rear pair of wheels (Left).

The rear two wheels on the left are isolated from the axle and provide no electrical pickup.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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