Classic UK Minitrix Models  -  Mallard
Right Contacts
Top View
Right Side Electrical Contacts
Right Hand Side

Front Bogey (Right)

The right hand wheels are isolated from the axle by means of a plastic bush inserted between the axle and the wheel hub.

All the right hand side drive wheels mak contact with the track, but the centre drive wheel plays no part in providing any electrical pickup for the loco.

The front and rear wheels have two sweeper arms which make contact with the inner face of the rear wheel at the top. The sweeper is held in place by the rearmost of the 3 red insulation blocks, and a small copper tab provides a point from which the power can be accessed.

The rear bogey provides no electrical pickup to the right hand track..

Tender Front pair of wheels (Right)

The front right wheels are electrically isolated from the axle, and these provide no pickup from the right hand rail.


Tender Rear pair of wheels (Right)

The rear right wheels are connected to the axle, and the copper brush strip under the tender body passes the power to a contact strip inside the tender body via a small spring to the circuit board.


Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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