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My poor, first 9F model which I loved more than any of my others when I first started with N gauge. The valve gear suffered some damage, and for years it sat in pieces in its box. The eccentric rod was not rivetted to the plastic crank - instead there was a sort of hook like coupling. I dont know if this was original or if it was a botched job by the previous owner. I suspect the latter. In any case, I have restored it - minus the eccentric valve rods. New motor brushes, thorough clean-up. It runs beautifully, and looks good - providing you don't look too close !

All of my 9F models (I have 3) have been purchased second hand. However, I do not believe that either of the ones have been used much, let alone opened up before I got them. Here we have the wiring of the motor for the Evening Star.

And here, a two shots of the wiring for my newer Black 9F. The green wire which provides the connection between the left pickups and the bottom brush cap is no longer in place. Instead, the chassis is relied upon to complete this circuit. The screw clamps onto the copper on the main circuit board. The bottom brush cap on the motor has a tag which contacts with the chassis. The red wire is long enough to rotate the motor to replace the bottom brushes with the motor still in the housing. I don't know which variation of the wiring came first.

Maintaining Classic UK Minitrix Locos
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